Live with meaning.

So, I got this running just in time for my birthday. I intended on starting a blog a few years ago, but I realized I wasn’t in the right state of mind to develop one, so I put it off, indefinitely. It feels right this time, though. I am 23 today and I have never felt older. No one warns you that aging occurs  much quicker (or at least it seems that way) than your younger years…and then you’re 28–not entirely looking forward to that. Birthdays (holidays, in general) have never really been events I get overjoyed about. Perhaps it’s the simple fact that I can’t recall the last one that was actually celebrated, or maybe there’s a reason more profound (I couldn’t tell you at the moment).

Nevertheless, recently, I find that if celebrating these events are not something one looks forward to, or at least, acknowledges, then life becomes stale, and all too boring. A boring life is the gateway to a depressed individual, and no one wants that. Getting in the habit of doing things that contribute to your well-being (the well-being of the mind, in this case) is essentially what living happily is about. Gathering with fellow friends and family, celebrating, be it minimally or more on a grandiose scale, and simply doing things you thoroughly enjoy, not only strengthens your relationship with others around you, but also reaffirms your existence, your fortune to be alive (something taken for granted much too often, nowadays), and restores happiness back into your life.

A good friend (and teacher) of mine once enlightened me with the idea that he lives everyday like it’s his birthday, and not in the cliched manner that a good share of people say that; it’s evident that he indeed, does. That being said, everyday is another day to feel special about yourself, to strive to be better than you once were, to appreciate your life, wholly (the good and the bad); don’t wait until your birthday (or some arbitrary holiday) rolls by before you live like you want to. Start today, start tomorrow, start everyday.

I’m looking forward to enjoying what today has to offer and I’m hoping you are, too, even if today is not particularly your day to be celebrated.

Without further ado (and ramblings), I’m more than excited to welcome you to Genteel Flair. Hope you enjoy.

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