Nothing Personal…

Life is all about relationships. Some are healthy, some fatal, paralytic or parasitic. Some are seasonal (some seasons seem to just drag on), others last a lifetime. We owe it to ourselves to be aware of the nature of the ones we keep and to cultivate those that bring MUTUAL growth. Growth starts with vulnerability (death with selfishness).

Some risks are worth taking and we all know that some are definitely not.The weak can be made strong but the opposite can occur also. The company you keep often determines your bottom line. Are some relationships leaving you “in the red”? Are you tempering your assets and liabilities? And have you ever thought of some liabilities as necessary for your growth? Are others stagnant with little or no signs of potential? What ROI is being generated? What are others receiving from you?

Let’s take an honest inventory.

That’s good for any business. [Business is Personal]

Now I’ll go back to minding mine.


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