Two Ears, One Mouth

“You don’t have to say much to speak volumes.”-Thierry Augustin

I must be an exceptional narcissist to quote myself, right? Well, at the risk of sounding that much more pretentious, I’d submit that as being neither here nor there. đŸ™‚

I’m of the belief that prefers to “measure twice and cut once”. One of the best ways we can exercise this is with our speech (forgive the tangent above). Have you ever encountered that person who has an answer for everything, regardless of whether it’s correct or relevant? Have you ever been guilty of that? Are you self-deluded? Well, I’ve been there.

Early on I thought that if I didn’t have a rapid response then I’d lost at something. I was busy trying to fill the silence. But it was almost as if I had filled a void with another (if that were at all possible). I rarely gave a thought to accuracy or quality. Now that I’m continuing to mature, the swift has been replaced by the deliberate; not only for the sake of clarity but also that of integrity. It’s great to know, but it is likewise admirable to admit when you don’t. That way, everybody wins.

Any questions?

Take your time.


“The lips should either seal ignorance or open the passage for wisdom.” [me again]

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