Different Strokes

What are masterpieces made of? They are often a collage; of color and technique for a painter, material and craftsmanship for a sculptor, sound and tempo for a musician. This is why we embrace diversity. We realize that we benefit from various perspectives. Not that we receive all perspectives but we grow by filtering through the options allotted. That process of elimination is inspiring. Without it, we’d be a mess. But our selectivity yields a unique product not just a melange of ideas.

Choosing the right idea

Isn’t it ironic that even in our quests for individualism we really seek to copy someone else we thought to be particularly innovative or unique? Part of who we are, ingrained in the fabric of humanity, is this need to worship (something to love, trust, obey). Prove it? Whatever we value, we sacrifice for. Our values define us. Who are you really apart from what you care about or devote yourself to? That’s why putting your “money where your mouth is” usually results in silence (unless accompanied by a deep conviction or likewise clouded by intense bravado). That challenge to back up what you ascribe value to, to underwrite it in a sense, makes you think about whether that [insert here] really deserves your…worship.

A while back, I remember hearing: “The only thing certain is uncertainty.” To which I thought: “Hmmm…Are you sure?” Seems comical but that’s indeed the CRUX of the issue: Can truth really be found? That is one thing each and everyone of us unwittingly or deliberately seek: validation. Right? [sorry couldn’t help it :D]

We are masterpieces yet to be understood because we don’t understand ourselves. I think we use “blinders” [that take many forms] to avoid a conclusion that leads to the Cross.

But that’s just me.



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