Happy, for once

Are you reaching goals and still unfulfilled? It could be that you’re missing your purpose.

If you start as cosmic coincidence and at your end just fade to black then as Dante so eloquently stated: “abandon all hope all ye who enter here.” Assuming those are your premises, that (1) random chance collocation of atomic matter sparked your existence and (2) death is a transition into nothingness and we just cease, I’d find it largely difficult to believe that life, the time in between, has any meaning either. Can you really avoid that conclusion? Its only logical. [much obliged, Rev. Keller]

I should be happy

Have you ever stopped in the business (busyness) of life to think about your motivations? Are they things that are perishable, that fade away, if not immediately after you do, then soon after? Or is it something circumstantial; here if the conditions are right, gone if something goes wrong? Are all your hopes and dreams founded on things with temporal value and if so why strive for sand that’s slipping through your fingers, so to speak? Daily, we burden ourselves by placing divine, eternal expectations on finite realities. It leaves you disappointed. It leaves you with a sense of emptiness.

Could there be more?

I posit that there MUST. Amidst all your achievements, some random blogger calling all your hard work meaningless is frankly insulting (after you’ve dismissed it as utterly ridiculous). I mean, look at your resume. All the things that you’ve accomplished. The people you’ve loved, the lives you’ve changed. But what sense would it make to work so hard in the “middle” if your “beginning” provides no direction and you’re working toward an “end” with no semblance of a product?

When a manufacturer makes furniture pieces that require some self-assembly (shudders from Ikea flashbacks), you’re given a set of detailed instructions, tools, and a picture of the finished product. If you abandoned all those, would you even remember why you purchased it in the first place? Would that big box in your living room have a purpose anymore? Or would it just be occupying space?

I don’t think I’m here accidentally. Likewise for you. When we are born, we’re not happy just oblivious (ignorance is indeed bliss, for a season). As life happens and we get bogged down by circumstances, its easy to lose hope and settle for temporary enjoyment. But when you find that Purpose, true lasting happiness is a by-product of that eternal discovery.

What were you made for?

“So God created man in His own image…” [Genesis 1:27]


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