Stay Home

Are you a risk taker? Naturally? In fashion, risk is essential but only effective when you are expressing yourself.

When you make a leap, you can’t do it because someone else did. You have to find worth in jumping. When you decide to pursue a particular look you are indeed temporarily suspended– everything stops until the verdict is released. You can either land firmly on your soles or flat on your seat (often times the best starting point for a new idea). All this becomes easier when you know who you are.

I didn’t say don’t leave the house

I’m just saying that you should know your limits. When you’re aware of what doesn’t work based on your frame, complexion etc., then the risks that you take occur in more natural parameters; you won’t look like you forced it. Isn’t that the goal anyway? There should be an ease, a comfort around your personal style. What may be “out of the box” in color or texture for one person fits because you are, well, you.

As with any house, different rooms may have different themes which, taken together, remain a reflection of the owner. The same can be said of your closet.

After all, there’s no place like…


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