All The World’s A Stage

The curtain rises.

If we were to honestly gauge our interactions with others, we would see that a lot of them are mere auditions. We bring with us a reliable script, then make the necessary tweaks and adjustments when our scene changes.

I think one of the most difficult things we strive for is integrity, truly being ourselves. Even the most gregarious and eccentric is only really themselves alone. Our inner circles may not even have a clue of how deep our still waters run.

Contemplate your relationships. Is there truly one in which you are utterly defenseless? Completely vulnerable? If there isn’t a wall, there may be a fence. If not a fence then definitely a door (with a lock, of course).

The reason is that all relationships retain an innate risk. We may not be accepted, may be regarded in a different light, or even shunned. And that’s among those you feel closest to.

We are simultaneously actors and audience members. But I’m no longer enjoying the show. I’m sure you aren’t either. I’m trying my best to discard the facade.

Masks are uncomfortable.


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