Maybe next time

We live in a credit driven economy. Get what you want now and pay for it later. This is the underlying current of our spending habits, health choices, and personal interactions. The concept of thrift has “gone out the window”.

Given the biblical thesis of the fallen nature of mankind, it makes sense that sin operates in the same manner. It borrows against time and mercy; the former, which we lack any control over and the latter, something we are inherently undeserving of. All falsely supported by self interest, it is an investment promising a greater return than it can ever dole out.

We owe a debt that we cannot pay. But Christ paid a debt He did not owe. He incurred the cost of our rebellion to spur our reconciliation. Savior. But acceptance of this sacrifice requires a surrender of the will. Lord. I’ve seen that neither is more palatable than the other and also that both aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s all or nothing.

But just not right now though…

Am I right?

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