Sound It Out: im-PAH-luh-tik

It is regularly inferred that prudence increases with age as it is a result of experiential growth. But I think one of the best ways to exercise it would be to avoid having to live to learn.

Exemplary Service

There is a great advantage in listening to those who’ve preceded you. We all like to think that ours is an especially unique interpretation of life but our humanity connects us; relationships are founded on common ground. We’re never too far removed from another’s experience and that’s what allows us to engage, sometimes even in depth.


Now here lies true wisdom: look to learn. Knowing that our eyes aren’t too different allows for the assumption that walking in that same darkness would yield similar bumps and bruises as those incurred by the one already akin to that road. This gives us a chance to successfully navigate a change of course. History can guide the future.

Seek wisdom.


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