The world is yours if only you would open up and witness the rewards that come with doing so. People spend so much time and energy bottling up issues and emotions, either out of the consideration of other’s feelings or the lack of strength to surface the issues. Vulnerability, the very crux of day to day living, continues to be stowed away.

Life’s experiences would not be possible if we were not willing to put ourselves at risk–irrespective of the measure–day-in and day-out. Great relationships be it romantic, platonic, or professional, would be scarce without a disclosure of sorts from the members involved. The fact is, by opening up and relinquishing your inhibitions, you better yourself and your chances in ways unimagined. The burden of aged issues and unexpressed thoughts is shed; personal weaknesses are discovered; a comfort level is established between the members involved that fosters a better communication; and newer perceptions are revealed and developed.

Reflecting on the difficulties I’ve faced over the recent years, I realize that my failure to open up to the people closest to me stunted my growth and jeopardized some relationships. It’s a learning process however, and as I have and continue to strive to become a better man, I would encourage that you do the same.

Here’s to a great adventure ahead of us.

Happy New Year!

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