Less Rules, More Lessons

There are too many rules, and How-To guides floating around out there that leaves any approach at carving out a gentleman a weak endeavor; a mere scratching at the surface. The problem at hand–the lack of young men nowadays showing gentlemanly qualities–needs to be approached from the core, not patched up at the surface with some rules.

We, as bloggers and purveyors of gentlemanly qualities, must become conscious of the messages our content carries because, now more than ever, it’s easy to steer readers the wrong way. It is our responsibility to show the growing generation of young men that simply doing or saying certain things in a manner that has been prescribed by blogs, magazines, books or any other source will not get things done; not in the correct way, at least.

Becoming a refined gentleman requires first and foremost, a soul searching quest and this fact we must strive to communicate. Everything else follows after one’s values, standards, thoughts, lifestyle choices, etc have been established (and cohere), refined and made malleable for adjustments wherever and whenever applicable.

Young men today would be better off if they were instructed on how to better themselves as opposed to what to say to make them sound like gentlemen. Rather than promoting the rigid do’s and don’t’s of what it takes to be a gentleman, it’s critical that the focus be shifted to the necessary steps one must take to better one’s self, from the inside-out. This way, we’ll witness more men whose actions will be a reflection of their character.

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