Fashion on the Home Front

Expert tailoring never goes out of style. It’s what punctuates any look. Rarely do you leave a retailer feeling complete, though you may on occasion feel satisfied. There is always a line that could be sharper, an edge that could be smoother, a tone that could be softer, or a print that could be louder. So why settle?

Enter Peter Field


The Windy City meets the Big Apple. Genteel Flair is proud to endorse Peter Field, for design, intent, and execution. Why shop PF? Here are just a few reasons:

1. Affordability– Competitively priced with the quality to back the tag. (For a limited time ties at $55, bow ties at $35, pocket squares at $20, and plenty of packages at discounted prices as part of the Kickstarter Project)

2. Custom Made – Each piece is created to fit the individual. The days of mass production dictating style are over. What really fits you? A Peter Field custom design will be undeniably tied to that definition.

3. Home Field Advantage – Peter Field is committed to growing American manufacturing, sacrificing profitability to keep Americans employed. There is indeed a right way to do things.

(And if you needed any more incentive, founder Nicholas Monterotti taught himself how to sew!)


You choose, they deliver (shipping is free).

Help us help them. Then help yourself to the custom life.

Don’t settle.

I have my eye on the glen plaid print.


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