Don’t Just Do It

Love is in the air. And most of us want to get our share before it runs out. At least this appears to be the case since it seems to have been packaged into a one day deal called Valentine’s Day.

The essence of love has been misplaced and replaced with the notion of redemption at the disposal of the purchase of disposable goods. That is, despite one’s failure to be present in a relationship, a single day of progressive action would redeem that emotional absence and put things back into perspective. In Nike’s words, “Just do it [and everything will be fine].” While it serves as a point to one’s personal benefit, it is merely enough to keep a sinking relationship afloat.

The engaged and shared emotion and experiences between partners have been robbed by false intent. That if a lady is fully acknowledged on a holiday, then every other day could be met with a mediocre mentality, not to be measured by the standards that have been set. As gentlemen, we ought to strive further than to do just for the sake of doing. The extra mile must be where we thrive and set ourselves apart. We must aim to fuel the fire that is our relationship for the sake of preserving the love that lets it burn. (Flowers and an assortment of chocolates won’t fuel that fire.)

Impressing her (or others) is not the goal. Showing the depth of your understanding and appreciation for the love that is passionately shared by the both of you–that is the goal. By doing this, you will have achieved beyond impressing her. Her happiness is your happiness, afterall.

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