Vraiment Élégant

Thoughtful craftsmanship, attention to detail, and an esteem for traditional practices. Ascribing to what appeals to gentlemen everywhere will inevitably yield a quality product and a devoted following. Common ground. UK-based with a global influence, Monsieur London was birthed from the vision of Thibault Fulchiron and Valentin Goux — and the experiences from their extensive travel that still drives a commitment to excellence.

Bow Tie

“All of our accessories are the privileged witnesses of long lasting regional traditions.”

They not only purchase premium raw materials but are dedicated to fair compensation for the craftsmen that provide the technical expertise unique to Monsieur London; ethical etiquette. Sustainability is central to their business model; products fashioned to last, packaging made from recycled materials and every customer is encouraged to choose a slower delivery method. As the old adage goes, good things come to those who wait.


And they boast a variety of items to suit your fancy. Belts and braces, gloves and hats, accessories to highlight your ensemble. Subtle, yet pronounced. A bit of Genteel Flair for a gentil homme. From Millau to Hebrides to Bogota, Monsieur London brings the best of the world to you.


(photos courtesy of Maxime Imbert)

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