Recently, I ventured into the relative unknown. I  attended two exhibitions at the Museum at FIT and was surprisingly inspired. Names that I’ve heard but never truly recognized now we’re in focus, each rendition taking center stage (irrespective of my opinion).


It made me think: what is it about shoes? Across America, women average twenty pairs a piece, surely burgeoned by the lovely ladies that reside where “Sex in the City” was set. Shoes are a staple, a symbol: status and style. Historical significance, creative expression and incredible functionality interspersed with what I can only respectfully describe as the ridiculous (truly, no negative connotation intended).

This is what I jotted down in passing about some remarkable pieces, but words often lack the effects of experiential immersion. Catch ’em if you can!


Content: [A voyage into fantasy with an Alice in Wonderland inspired design by Nicholas Kirkwood; geometry redefined by Andres Chavez; exquisite metal work by Conspiracy; royalty revamped in Chanel; the epitome of class in Louboutin; floral and hemp concoction by Brian Atwood; a new take on elevation by McQueen; simple satin chic in Blahnik; sculptured goddess in Rupert Sanderson; a compact Guardiani complete with lipstick heel; innovative construction by Poiret; Gucci equestrian etiquette; Alaia animal prints; wedge-heeled Marc Jacobs, O’Connor and Goldberg “Trevoix” side button boots with hook]

The curators definitely know how to make an impression.


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