Sound It Out: duh-ree-GUR

Do the ends truly justify the means? Methodology lends to both perception and reality. The process by which an endeavor is undertaken is intimately tied with its success or failure. Not many can claim the lasting effects of accrual, investment and growth from haphazard and unorganized efforts. The path you take is your deposit into (or withdrawal from) the outcome potential.

The Hard Truth

We control much less than we think, not incrementally but exponentially. Therefore, what little we do possess should be channeled through the most profitable conduit possible. And not solely (nor primarily) in the monetary sense. Mark 8:36. Make a daily effort to refocus and prioritize. This is foundational. What you build upon is crucial to the integrity of what you build. Approach Who is truly of import: foremost and with fervor. Apply the effects of that pursuit to the remaining facets of life. All else will be sure to follow.

Chart your recourse.

You’ll enjoy the road ahead.

[Matthew 6: 33]


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