Many times when we read something, we internalize its impact. The inspiration behind this piece stems from a quote (below) from Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned (courtesy of Erica Heded). The quote, in its brevity, encompasses the goal(s) we aim to accomplish on behalf of gentlemen (and ladies, believe it or not) worldwide. Knowledge is meant to be shared, and as we hope you learn a thing or two, we look to learn from you as well. What are your thoughts? Contribute and leave comments.

“People invariably choose inimitable people to imitate.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald

Individuality is inherent, a birth right. But across time we accumulate: character traits, convictions, mannerisms. Novelty is rare. But so are we. The outflow of that amalgamation can be completely unique. And we should embrace that. A role model is just that: a model. Exemplary, but not all encompassing. Glean, grow, and go. —Thierry Augustin

The most common mistake people make on the journey to discovering a personal style is duplicating without innovating. To the novice, there is much reward in creating an ensemble that channels his (or her) inspirational figure–accumulation of comparisons to that individual. Why settle for comparisons when your originality could be celebrated? Our personalities are different and our styles ought to be a distinct representation of that difference. We all covet finished products but we often overlook the work put in to get them there. Ultimately, it takes effort to imitate and create. The question is: which would you rather? —Stephen Obisanya

It was once said that imitation is the fondest form or flattery. We as humans are drawn to perfected examples of our selves. We decide to emulate that which we feel connected to or that reflects us to some extent. However different our choices, “worth” is a variable that brings similarity to each scenario. It’s an intrinsic value that drives us to follow. I’m a big Kobe Bryant fan. I try to mimic his game when I play…mostly to no avail, but I try. Although I do not share this love for Kobe ‘s game with everyone, there is an undeniable respect and awe. we look at those who have this worth, this draw, then choose who we relate to; The Lakers are close to my heart being that I’m from California. Kobe ‘s game I’m drawn to because of his killer instinct, and his offensive acumen. People might not share the same opinion but no one can deny Kobe ‘s greatness. I say all this to say, in the end, strive be great. Be great in character, be great at work, be great at life. Let your story be one worth imitation. Chase your passion with a reckless abandon and live for today. You might find people start trying to be like you. F.A

From my recent observations of street and celebrity style trends, it does seem people are in full imitation mode. There’s this weird thing happening that’s not actually weird: people want to look famous. From what I have noticed, many are taking style cues from celebrities, musicians and socialites that are labeled unique. People pay attention to that, eventually imitating them in hopes of being attached to that label. Most of the time, however, it falls short–lacking the natural personal flair that makes one’s individuality shine beyond the clothes they wear. N.O

I think its true, we do imitate each other. Everyone does, for all sorts of reasons. But the worst instances are when we try to recreate things like love and romance based on what we see in other people’s lives, or films and literature. I just feel like it is such a shame that we spend so much of our time searching for and building up something that won’t last, can’t last, because it isn’t natural or doesn’t come from the heart. That is one of my biggest fears going into and maintaining a relationship. I don’t want to compare my love to anyone else’s and I don’t want to run it into the ground with unfounded expectations. A.F

I think we would chose to imitate inimitable people because it makes one feel like they will accomplish something great. It may be a long shot but it makes one feel important. It gives them some form of credibility like: “wow this person is trying to be like so and so, that’s impressive”. It can help build your self confidence. S.T

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