On the Menu

What you consume can compose or compromise your character. Inevitably. We respond to what we’re exposed to. Our reactions are witnesses of experience; they testify to what we’ve been through, shaping our sentiments, sympathies, and slants. But we are more than a mere collection of circumstances. We also have the ability to change. We can determine our diet.

Dinner Guests

What is on the table can be just as effective (or defective) as who is at it. A great meal loses its savor with a poisoned atmosphere. The contrary may ring true as well. Some tastes are acquired and rightly so: something bitter may be best for your growth. You will have to pursue it especially if it isn’t particularly appetizing. And many times you may have to connect with connoisseurs when you hunger for more, for better. You have to develop your palette. That requires intentional action.


Invite and invest. Nothing is truly enjoyed alone and sometimes an offered incentive can be of mutual benefit. Purveyors will profit and a new experience may require you to pick up the check. You risk to not regret. Life should be a full plate: healthy, proportionate, and satisfying.

We are what we eat.

Bon appetit.

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