It All Adds Up

Life tends to play out like an obstacle course. Every now and then, we are presented with road blocks that we must navigate around, break through, or surmount. Our will is put to test and the result is usually a discovery of our weaknesses and/or strengths. We love knowing that we’re capable of overcoming certain things–a little ego stroke doesn’t hurt anybody–but we don’t especially warm up to the idea that there are instances when life hits hard and we’re inadequate and incapable of exercising our will in record time to regain foothold.

One thing to keep in mind is this: no single experience is without cause or benefit. There’s always something to be learned, whether you’re on top of the world or down in the dumps. (Nobody wins forever, as losses are a necessary component to the equation of success as well as a balanced life.) Rightfully so, in the moments we happen to be bogged down by issues that prove to be overbearing, we ought to understand that this very phase is a necessary component in the grand scheme of things. Getting knocked down is not a knockout; it is an awakening tap. It is a call to think critically, strategize, re-evaluate, avoid getting too comfortable and be more aware of one’s self. We’re not meant to stay down–we’re meant to bounce back up.

Learn, and push through.

Grow forward.

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  1. At times this idea can be very hard to accept but it’s a true notion nonetheless. Great post.

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