Sound It Out: PLAW-dit

From my youth, the value of even the smallest gesture in gratitude was repeatedly presented and eventually instilled. I was told that a simple “thank you” goes a long way, that two words can make a world of change. For the recipient of the platitudes, a deliberate nod to validate their expenditure; for the dispenser, the application of a basic principle that fosters a stronger relationship (and not an overly dependent one).

It is a matter of respect. Give honor where honor is due. To hold true to this, we must be aware of the difference between praise and worship. If we ascribe the above to anyone for a particular quality or (set of) action(s), we must operate in the proper context. Admiration is in proportion, idolizing is not.

One event (or even a consistent witness to a certain trait) is not just cause for veneration. That pedestal is built to break. Exercise caution when you are tempted to elevate those you emulate.

That spot is reserved for One, only.

(Three) Cheers.

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  1. Great read Thierry!

  2. Thierry Augustin says:

    Thank you jenellej! Glad you enjoyed it!

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