Original Poetry: Past, Progress

I stood alone


taking a gander at my present


what roads I had I traveled and

which routes I had taken when

in times preceding, this “now” was on the horizon

the how and who of inner monologue

so to

learn from the rear view


donned my retrospective lenses

hindsight is 20/20 when your vision’s been corrected

I saw


embodying a lower case i

because shyness had me speaking into my chest to avoid both eye contact and the silent judgments we all make

the mirror and I at odds because of my uneven skin tone

scared to smile because I knew that lying was wrong and people might be misled into thinking I was happy

inhabiting the background

at “home”

in solitude but desperate for the solidarity of a confidant

no confidence to will my ambitions

filled with potential but no energy expended to succeed

in need with no voice to express it

but when things made an impression I would grab my pen

and the ink would flow

though tears would smudge

my paper, a sponge

soaked in emotions untold


I would become


To be continued…

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