More than usual, the questions that ought to be asked are not and as a result, our growth suffers. For our perspective to undergo a transformation then, we must seek to burrow to the core of our selves, reflect upon our thoughts to gain insight. To foster this notion, I pose this question to you: Are you comfortable with who you are?


My shortcomings are no secret, it’s always been easier for me to avoid than to confront; such is the life of a shy kid. People always managed to see the the potential and qualities that I couldn’t manage to see in myself (that, or they were great liars). I envied my peers simply because they’d somehow managed to establish an ease with the things I struggled with. Realizing I was on a road leading to nowhere, fast, I made the effort to change my predicament. I planted myself in environments I imagined would foster my growth, from leadership conferences and seminars to involvement in fields which I understood would prove to be challenging, nevertheless rewarding.

Nowadays, I often find myself revisiting, in thought, the rhetorical words a good friend once enlightened me with: “If you don’t know, then who do I ask?” This remains a constant reminder for me to strive to be better than I once was; to do the work it takes to get to know (and express) myself–not just the likes and dislikes but the things that fuel my drive, motivate and inspire me, and awaken passion(s) in me–because everything else depends on it.

When I look in the mirror, I see more than I used to. I see a gentleman that’s flawed (who isn’t), that understands he has a LOT to learn and is gradually attempting to chip away at it, that acknowledges his shortcomings but doesn’t fail to realize where he thrives, that is always curious and eager to develop his character. I see myself as getting to be more comfortable with who I am–it’s a never-ending journey for us all, really–but I’m certainly not content with where I’m at.

I want to create a safe space to engage this topic and build from our dialogue. Genteel Flair, at its core, is a platform for self expression. So, are you comfortable with who you are? Why or why not? Please share in the comments section.

Let’s grow forward.

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