Sound It Out: fyoo-LIJ-uh-nus


Scrutiny is instrumental to growth. People will only perceive what you portray, only receive what you relinquish. When you reveal something personal, you are not just allowing someone to form an opinion of you but you are also defining yourself. You are identifying with integrity. You are corraling courage. You are forsaking fear and veering into the vulnerable to grasp greatness. You are not allowing small mindedness to determine the parameters of your potential.

I’ve spent a majority of my years performing. I’ve avoided exposure, escaped the uncomfortable, fled what I failed to understand. Cowardice. One of our primary purposes as humans is to relate; to our Creator, ourselves, our fellow beings, and our environment. Communication is key. Speaking over walls, we get lost in translation. Barriers need to be broken. The issue is that we’ve been taught to think of ourselves as commodities, with relationships being a simple transaction of goods for services. It is easier to hew out a fragment of that wall for “safe” exchange than to demolish it and risk being overrun. This is fear at its finest: paralytic. But you have to step into the light to see what is ahead.

[Psalm 119:105]

You’ll find me on this road.

Transparency triumphs.


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