Sound It Out: nuh-PENTH-ee


Memory is a potent faculty. Reminders resonate and pierce our present, sometimes to the point of harm. I’ve heard it said that freedom is not letting yesterday affect today. But I’ve also experienced that a lesson unlearned is a lesson repeated.

Your past can either haunt you or help you. Context is critical. There is indeed a healthy amount of trepidation, one that may cause you to deeply examine former failures and exercise foresight as you proceed; a diligent glance. The old adage rings true: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” A past pang can preserve your present. Yet a determined glare at what is behind you won’t lend to forward progress. There is a line between what you should resist and what restricts you. Never forget that.

Define it clearly.

Then step into your future.


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