Fallow Ground

I was recently challenged with the notion that “anything you neglect becomes poor”. Sobering. It permeates every facet of life. If we are to truly fulfill our purpose, we must till and tend our talents.

Many times, we have the propensity to dismiss a certain skill or passion because it doesn’t fit into our particular scheme for the future. But diversity drives creativity; the differences in our interests enrich us and give us access to a greater network and sphere of influence.

There is something to be said about zeroing in on productivity, knowing what resource you can tap into which consistently yields a return. But with our limited lifespan we should leave no stone unturned as we build. Take advantage of every opportunity, evaluate and exercise every gift you possess and present them to your world. It
starts by sowing the seeds of discipline, diligently seeking to cultivate and nurture what is
available to us. Wisdom is knowing when to do so. To each its own season.

Hands to the plow.

Let’s get to work.


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