Original Poetry: Past Progress [Con’t]

My vision was blurred

literal figures were faint and I fought, feigned, and feinted

reluctant to remove myself from back row cool but couldn’t endure being a classroom fool

with my kinda mom it was excel or bust and didn’t need any spreadsheets tracking my progress when the formula was imprinted

hard work plus talent and you can go far but destiny was aligned for the faithful

I mean I prayed but it was hate fueled daddy wasn’t around so he’d hear about me in the paper and regret history when I made news

that thought stopped the presses

nothing I would have would be my own those you fail to forgive control your productivity they determine the scale of your success because they weigh you down

and I needed to rise against the gravity of hate

I needed to fly because you reach new heights with expanded horizons

and now that’s the mind state I’m in

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