Sound It Out: TRAH-gluh-dyte


Solitude can be beneficial, if balanced. When we encounter a difficult circumstance, one that may challenge us to the core of our ethics or ability, there is the tendency relegate ourselves to the protection of privacy. Often, this can work to the detriment of our development. We barricade ourselves in the maze of our musings, unable to successfully navigate our inner recesses, mired by the limitations of our perspective. It is a veritable quicksand: the more you struggle, the deeper you go. You are suffocated by self-centeredness.

Reach Out

You can’t just take any hand. Deliberate discernment will reveal ones trustworthy to not only listen and provide objective feedback, but to also support a solution. We need each other. We are intrinsically intent on interaction. Relationships are a resource. Stray from silent suffering.

Let your voice be heard.

No one is concerned about that of which they are unaware.


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