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As we put away our sweaters and jackets and break out the spring and summer gear, most of us tend to notice we don’t have nearly as much to keep us looking good in the summer months as we remembered.  So what are some of the must haves for the warmer weather ahead?  Let’s take a look at this summer’s best looks, and what you should spend that extra few dollars on.

1.       Colored Chinos

It should be no surprise that colored chinos top the list of things you need for the summer.  While they started making a pretty big appearance last summer, they are by no means gone yet.  You can pair them with a sport coat and some wingtips to dress them up, or throw on some All-Stars and a t-shirt and you’re ready for a beer and a beach barbecue.  Either way, you look better than the guy in cargo shorts and flip-flops.

2.       A Nice Pair of Shades

Whether you like the classic aviators look, or the updated wayfarers you need to find yourself a great pair of sunglasses.  While you can make 100’s of different styles work depending on your taste, something you should remember is that cheap glasses look cheap. Spend the extra money and pick up a nice pair that will last you, like these Tom Ford aviators or these wayfarers from Burberry

 3.       A Great Pair of Brown Shoes

Try trading in your Sperry’s for some nice wingtips or monk straps this summer for a change of pace.  They work great in the office with a suit, or on the weekends with some jeans—and although I will be the first to tell you how much I love bright colorful socks, leave them in your drawer this summer. Sockless in the summer looks clean, fresh and stylish… just don’t forget to add some foot powder every now and then.

 4.       The Perfect Pair of Shorts

Too long and you look like you’re trapped in high school, too short and you look feminine.  A good pair of shorts should hit just above the knee, should fit just perfect (not too baggy, not too tight) and should still have a clean, sleek look to them.  I don’t care how many men are back on the cargo shorts train, I will continuously preach against it.  Cargo shorts can make you look frumpy and slobbish— try finding something like these shorts from Saks Fifth Avenue.

 5.       A Good Haircut

Most men go for the shorter cut in the summer, and who’s to blame them?  But the mistake that so many make is getting it cut for cheap, or buzzing it themselves in their bathroom.  You’re going to miss spots, and contrary to popular belief, getting a buzz cut does not mean having it all one length, do that and it won’t grow out right.  A haircut is something you should always spend some money on, but especially in the summer when your winter hats are put away.  A good haircut makes the outfit, and that is a rule to live by year-round.

And the big thing you should make sure you have in your closet this summer… a summer suit.

Between weddings and events, you will definitely have an out of office suit experience in the summer, and the last thing you want is to be stuck at that outdoor ceremony in a dark grey, heavy  wool suit keeping you soaked in sweat and not enjoying your day.  Lighter colors will help from soaking up the suns heat, but you need to find a suit in the right material as well. The best summer materials to look for will be your linen, seersucker and wool/silk blends. Switch them up depending on the occasion and how formal you need the suit to be, but all three should keep your dry—even after a few drinks in the sun.


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