Fresh Air

Inspiration is ubiquitous. As relative upstarts in the burgeoning field of menswear, it is nearly impossible to ignore the saturated market of sartorial soliloquy. From the curated displays in magazines and store fronts, on “#menswear” blogs and websites to that end, or in person on the streets and at fashion shows, men’s style has grown in volumes with countless chapters to cull from, and more men are turning the pages to indulge. It has become a duty to scour and sift through the content on style boards to create the looks that best fit them. But what often occurs is a tendency towards mass appeal. The scale becomes skewed and it is increasingly difficult to draw the line between inspiration and imitation.

Distinguished through the din

In times like these, the man that creates for himself, in style or circumstance, is the one that reaps the rewards. Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist exemplifies this. In his search for inspiration to bolster his personal wardrobe, he ended up discovering subjects that would usher in a new wave wave of fashion media coverage; empowering many to do the same.

With its prevalence, one could argue that indeed, too much of anything is bad. Just as the commercial reproduction of art often diminishes the original intent and execution, so, too, might the flood of menswear advice to the style outsider.

Start Small

While exposure is of critical importance, excess often yields exhaustion. It leaves you wondering: “where can I fit?” or, with regards to personal style, “what truly fits me?”. My solution: time. I reminisced on the trends I succumbed to and the culmination of trial and error through the years has revealed my personal preference, impartial to popularity. So be patient. Try things that you like first and those you don’t, attempt them through graded infusion, if at all. You might not do the whole look, but piece meal may be more appetizing.

Enjoy finding YOUR fashion sense.


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