Patient Progress

I’m learning to cooperate with the season I’m in. If you’ve been in New York as of late, you’d invariably notice the incessant humidity and precipitation we’ve been suffering from. It’s undeniably summer, but what I expect from it has not been my experience. So I regularly carry an umbrella.

There are times in life where pragmatism prevails. Sometimes you have to operate with outlandish hope to see dreams grow to fruition. Others, you have to be rooted in reality. That does not rebut your motivation but it does restructure your method. That is the wisdom in pursuit: knowing when to move with the waves and when to strive against the wind. Too soon or too late and you may crash.

The current never stops and neither should we. But motion isn’t indicative of legitimate activity. Don’t be deluded by your apparent stagnancy. Sometimes waiting (wading) is most efficient effort.

Slow and steady.


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