The Exchange

[time is currency] well spent you reap dividends in multiples returns rendered as legacy lifetimes affected by your expenditure [time is currency] invested in the right people means you get them and the things you need because it’s not money but those who earn it that make the world go round [time is currency] it makes sense when you make change and realize that life doesn’t orbit around you nor revolve around your whims you’re meant to resolve and not react observe and intend merge and blend because assets compiled determine net worth and that’s merely a reflection of your network [time is currency] the scale is tipped heavily in one direction favor escapes with this fleeing resource you’re unaware of your allotment so you gotta make it count for more than just a number [time is currency] and it’s measure is in character coupled with care weigh it wisely be sure to budget because none of it can be saved. This is the nature of time.

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  1. And there really never seems to be enough to go around…

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