Add to Cart: Christian Kimber Bracelets

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It’s good to have a lady that understands your sense of style and lucky for Christian, he has one. The crafts(wo)man that she is, she has made these bracelets from industrial parachute rope, weaved into a classic reef knot and joined with Sterling Silver plated bolt and ring clasp. Nothing but wristful perfection, if you ask me. Goes to show that gentlemen don’t have to spend a fortune on accessories and ladies can take on a DIY project to surprise their fellow counterparts without breaking bank. These Christian Kimber bracelets are available in Winter camo, Forrest, and Camo at a very reasonable markup and you’ll find other products that will pique your interest as well. 

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  1. your aesthetic is amazing.

  2. Those bracelets are dope Stephen. I’m definitely a fan of the green one. 🙂

  3. Aren’t they?! Must get my hands on one soon.

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