Add to Cart: Oliver Spencer x Superga

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Lightweight, well designed and crafted (with colors, materials, and comfort in mind), and almost always low-top; three characteristics I look for in a great pair of sneakers. The collaboration between Oliver Spencer, a modern British brand, and Superga, a renowned Italian footwear company, capture these qualities brilliantly in their most recent Capsule collection featuring the 2750 Cotu classics model. This collection exemplifies the marriage between distinctive quality and fine craftsmanship as the renditions range from Nubuck to Canvas in material and red, navy, and white in color. Of the bunch, the Navy Peacoat Canvas especially stands out to me; the color contrast between the navy canvas and that of the suede highlights, paired with the brown of the vulcanized gum sole make it one of the more appealing renditions and success of the collection.

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