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‘Add to Cart’ displays the items yet to be introduced into our wardrobes and explores the types of garments, accessories, etc. that compose and accentuate our personal style.

Pushing the limits of personal style is a great thing to do for many reasons. For one, it allows you to exercise your sartorial creativity. More importantly though, it opens up the chance to assess the prospect of different forms and types of clothing from different eras and areas around the world that we’re not entirely privy to. Through our quest for garments, we are likely to learn about history and revive it, all in a single experience.

Discovering the guayabera shirt was somewhat of a unique experience for me; one that has me anxious to stumble upon the next thing I’m fond of as far as style is concerned. After watching six seasons of a television show like Mad Men, it’s only right to develop a want for the style that was portrayed, reminiscent of the late ’50s and ’60s. Accordingly, I’ve been searching for different garments from different eras, hoping to find something that is rustic yet modern. Nowadays, menswear is all about reinvention, and personally, my goal is to continually find new ways to achieve this.

The guayabera shirt is the first step in this venture and rightfully so. It features either two or four patch pockets (a characteristic I’m particularly fond of) and two vertical rows of alforzas (tiny pleats sewn together) or intricate thread designs weaved into the shirt. In addition, buttons allocated to the top of each pocket and the relaxed position of the collars when fully buttoned add a sense of curtailed detail to the shirt. (Read about the history and significance of the shirt here.)

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