Food for Thought

“There is no craft that you can make without passion. If you are a shoemaker, a tailor, a shirt-maker, a barber, any kind of craft…you need passion.”  
-Ciro Palermo

Anything you put your hands on, your heart in, and your mind to will inevitably face the same issue: maintenance. It will challenge you to make a daily commitment to follow through–whether you have to revise, revamp, or restructure you approach entirely. You have to be able to refuel your fire so to speak when you face disappointments, losses, and poor timing. And that’s only because you have a vision and deeply believe in it.You are your first consumer and therefore, you set the standard. May yours be excellence.

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  1. Best advice I have gotten in a long time. Thank you for this, I needed it.

  2. Aaron,
    Thank you for reading and sharing this. I’m learning to maximize every opportunity afforded to me to live and do what I love. Happy to help!

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