Jury’s Decision


Recently (as in yesterday), GQ Magazine launched a beta promotion for their social media followers to post the infamous “selfie” on a greater stage. “How GQ are you?”  is a trial in the court of public opinion, scaled in three responses: not at all, almost, and very. I’ll be the first to tell you that there was a fair amount of trepidation. You’re effectively transferring the right of judgment from your mirror and lens to anyone of GQ’s hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers to rate the successful (or unsuccessful) composition of your ensemble. But here’s the kicker: there was no universal standard. It is actually a completely subjective process and you’re hoping that a certain subjectivity that you present appeals to the masses. Now GQ has, in it’s tenure, become synonymous with trend. I love seeing older covers and agreeing with their editors that something popular can easily become regrettable. After all, I’m fully aware of my own wardrobe woes throughout the years. And after uploading my own photo, I realized something: they’ve created a community. The roll is just a bunch of guys who haven’t figured everything out but have a good enough grasp of themselves to be comfortable submitting to the opinion of another. Hopefully, no one gets crushed by low or no approval. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.


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