Dimmed in the Limelight

Class is a matter of respect: for yourself and your constituency. It is an exercise in tact, knowing the difference between confidence and the explicitly conspicuous.

Class, in this day, is a lost art, overshadowed by the encouragement of obnoxious behavior disguised as “self expression”. There is no attention to deference because it is thought to compromise personal value. But, in actuality, the classless are the insecure, sacrificing due conformity for escapism in feigned celebrity. Made unique, there is no other need for extra attention. You are hard to miss when you live in your purpose.

Excess yields clutter and we’ve seen many who’ve suffered for fame’s sake. Those who operate in humility and grace are the most attractive. Having class indicates an honest self assessment, one aware of what they do well and also what needs to be bolstered. If you don’t, aspire to it. It is never too late to learn. If you do, remain an inspiration. It is a breath of fresh air.

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