Speaking Up

Like sign language, style is unspoken but it gets the message across. We all have something to say–about who we are and what we stand for–and before we get the chance to convey these revealing truths about our character, these sentiments are expressed through our personal style and overall physical presentation.

It is inevitable. Appearance almost always precedes actions. Kanye West put it best in his ‘American Boy’ verse when he said, “…before he speak, his suit bespoke.” The man that doesn’t look the part, in comparison to his competitors or employer(s), during an interview for a prospective job offering, is immediately written off, even before the inquiries of qualification are begun. Unless of course you’re Will Smith (playing the role of Chris Gardener) in The Pursuit of Happyness, and you manage to swing a singlet and a waterproof jacket ensemble, and still get hired.

You are what you wear. And it is important to remember this because the ideas formed about us stem, primarily, from the way we choose to present ourselves. When attention is given to our day to day appearance, we avoid being wrongfully stigmatized. And simply put: when you dress well, you look and feel good, and people take note of that. It’s all about sending the right message. And by being proactive in this manner, you give yourself the chance to be seen in a positive light.

Take pride in dressing well and say everything without saying anything.

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