Add to Cart: Fall Prep with Marshall Anthony

Consider this an introduction to a brand like no other, that submits to manufacturing some of the finest menswear accessories to be found on the market. Marshall Anthony, headed by Caron Gabriel and Darhel Anthony, is an American menswear brand whose focus is the gentleman’s essentials in accessories–handkerchiefs, suspender braces, and neckties being their current mainstay. One particular thing that piqued my interest (and has garnered the brand some well-deserved notoriety since their upstart in 2009) is the quality of the products, the neckties especially. Which makes sense, given that the origins of the fabrics stretch to shops in France and Italy.

While the Fall 2013 collection doesn’t seem to be on display on their website just yet, their past collection, which features seasonal fabrics (linen and silk for the Summer/Spring, and wool and cashmere for the Fall/Winter) in subdued, yet bold tones, speaks to what to expect from their upcoming collections.
Marshall Anthony takes quality and fine design and craftsmanship to the next level, and it shows both in the finished product as well as the pricing. You have to be willing to pay for this kind of quality.

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