A Higher Standard

Many people settle–for mediocrity in their work-life, in relationships, and their place in life. The fear of the hardship bound to be encountered on the less trodden path puts them in their place, and they remain on the frequented path, opting for the seemingly easy but costly route. Settling accomplishes nothing but amplify one’s denial of the truth and prolong one’s unrest and unhappiness. The sooner you come to face the truth, the sooner your growth begins to manifest. To remain in the same place, situation, or condition is stagnancy and in that, there is no progression. Only regression and stunted growth. There has to be more than just getting by, more than just the average, and certainly more than you’re made to believe you deserve or are capable of.

Making a decision to settle, in any case, is throwing in the proverbial towel and not giving as much effort as you’re capable of. On the subject, in his song Lightwork, Lupe Fiasco, a much underrated Hip-Hop artist, says the following: “Only way I’ll settle’s if we wrestle over everything.” Settling is not an option, and it shouldn’t be. By settling, we willfully renounce our dreams, everything we’ve ever aspired to, for a substandard option, we limit our potential and diminish our standards.

Life is full of unpredictable events and challenging times, but the only way to come out on top is to fight, at all costs, for what it is we feel is inherently deserved. Mediocrity is not enough, and you can either live knowing you settled or take the necessary strides and realize your true potential and worth. 

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