Add to Cart: Arpenteur Chevalier Sweater

Recently, I’ve been developing an interest in garments that boast a historical background or evoke personal emotions in me. This is simply to elevate my personal style and presentation a step further, to the point where the things I wear not only speak to my character but also inform about different cultures, eras, and lifestyles that I’m fond of. Upon stumbling on the Chevalier sweater (here), I was taken back to my younger teens when my go-to items in the Fall, at the time, were an amalgamation of a long-sleeve shirt and a polo shirt over it. Thankfully, that trend and phase have long passed. This sweater, though, is essentially the reinvention of a once tacky trend; into a product more fitting and stripped down for the menswear enthusiast.

The sweater owes its existence to mid-20th century arpenteurs, or (French) surveyors, whose work-wear consisted of similarly collared sweaters. Who said one couldn’t look stylish while surveying lands?! Or while doing anything else for that matter.

While this would make for a great addition to my Fall and Winter wardrobe, the price does well to discourage its purchase. At least until it’s marked up for sale.

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