Add to Cart: Everlane Leather Wallets

Take a peek at a majority of wallets and you’ll notice one thing: they’re bulkier than they should be. Men carry nearly as much unnecessary things in their wallets as women do in their handbags. Not only does this put one at a greater risk of losing personal items, it becomes aesthetically displeasing to the eyes, and even more so when stuffed into a back pocket.

Wallets are intended for the daily essentials–business cards, credit/debit cards, an immediate amount of cash, and ID cards, with other items that vary from person to person. The further one gets from these basic items, the more the wallet loses its integrity and form.

Everlane understands this, which is why their mission is not only to provide a quality storage for the daily essentials but to bring men to do away with excess and exercise concision. The collection primarily features a card case and a fold over wallet, made of 100% Italian leather that boasts a sleek design and cut. And with both available in colors of black, burgundy, and grey, there are enough options to match whatever your preference may be. Find which best suits you here.

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