Finish Line: Extension

Goals are never behind you. Positioning yourself is crucial. Those who focus on what wasn’t accomplished in the past strangle the purpose of today and dim what lies beyond. Each step forward is progress. Nothing changes for the stationary. Those in reverse displace the seed of success that is cultivated through diligent effort and carried by momentum.

One of the keys things I’ve found about goal setting is that they’re always a reach (either reasonable or outlandish). When you set a goal, it is something not yet achieved but deemed with such potential. There is a plan attached to it based on actionable intelligence. It can be grasped conceptually, which makes the construct inevitable. What separates a random thought from an idea worthy of our pursuit is purpose.

Purpose is more than just the proposed reasoning behind what we aim to produce. It’s not solely the combination of functionality and appeal. It is something that we can connect to, a way for us to plug in so that we can keep plucking away when we face disappointment. Andrew Carnegie said: “Anything in life worth having is worth working for.” Everything you pursue will test your commitment. Aligning your goal with a purpose is the first step towards sustainable success. Applying a standard is the next.

To be continued…

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