Picket Line

Each of us does our own bit of social activism. We present ideas in a forum of two or thousands, seeking a form of acceptance. We all want our voice to be heard. But when someone is listening, the expectation shouldn’t be that they acquiesce.

Know Your Rights

The first being that it is okay to disagree. And, en contratant with our selfish conventions, it is ok to be disagreed with. Someone’s refusal to admit fault and engage change doesn’t discredit the truth that was conveyed. It remains as is: fact. Undeniable, yet at that point, unacceptable. You should maintain a sincere hope that this state is transitory. No amount of effort or shifting angles or leveraging entreaties can uproot someone in a stubborn moment. Therefore, it is only to your detriment to engage in the same behavior from the opposing side of the fence.

No Justice, No Peace

Well, not on this scale. In situations like these, letting the mood unwind naturally (peace) usually leads to growth (justice). Retaining tension just makes the line between you more taut. The lesson: let go, for the benefit of both parties. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason, namely, to be reasonable. The application of that ratio is reserved for the rational.


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