Finish Line: On Your Mark

A standard is the major determinant of quality production. What separates a discount good from a luxury item? It usually hinges on the source and manufacturer, both of which contribute to reputation and ultimately overall market/retail value. We take great care to craft our image. We relate with a distinct group of people, engage in particular events, and so on. There is a general sense of actions informing identity. Those who are deliberate reflect certain characteristics and, by association, reject others.

How we go about something is intimately intertwined with the result of that approach. We plant, we water, we yield. As with that agricultural principle, what we invest gives us a basic expectation of our return. By placing a premium on the process, we can expect (at the very least) to break even, but reasonably to profit.

A goal and a purpose inform the degree of excellence you apply to it’s fabrication. Be careful not to judge the importance of an accomplishment by the effort it requires. The criteria for value lie in more than just the investment. The benefits must also be taken into account. From my own experience, I’ve witnessed how a minor tweak can have a significant impact.

A standard sets an operational boundary. It dictates and protects without infringing on creativity. Excellence is a positive restrictor, giving structure to freedom. But now that you have marked your territory, how do you tend to it effectively? It becomes a matter of time. Allocating and distributing this critical resource is imperative. How do you pace yourself?

To be continued…

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