Finish Line: Slow and Steady

One of the most crucial determinations in any successful venture is scaling growth. That comes from making reasonable projections, evaluating your current capacity, and even restructuring your market strategy. Everyone engaging in this process should be firmly rooted in reality. As with any race, though you may “shoot out of the gates” in a relative sprint, it is usually just to establish a position to build from. Likewise, you aim to follow the same trajectory as the initial momentum, but not necessarily the same pace.

Breathing Room

If you’ve ever attempted a full sprint for a short distance, there is a counterproductive temptation to bear down and hold your breath as you see it through. Every muscle is tensed like a compressed spring. The problem with that strategy, physiologically at least, is that you need oxygen for optional functioning. You’ll probably make it to that finish line, but if the race was suddenly extended by a few meters, you’d be hard pressed to compensate. You have to actively condition yourself against that “innate” response. Applying what is necessary at the onset minimizes adjustments. That being said, one of the most important things to consider as you exert and expend is distance. Clearly define your expectations. How long do you expect this to last and how far do you expect it to go? What would need to be changed and how often would that changed need to be implemented to keep this idea relevant?

Turn Over

To my former coach’s credit, the phrase “turn over” conjures up some great memories. Knowing when to go into that next gear is imperative. That maintenance phase is not a plateau, just a smaller slope. From that point of careful motion, you have a keen sense of what’s “left in the tank” and total control of when to release it. “We were not built to stop” a great preacher said, but we do have to be equally intelligent and humble to avoid burning out. A flame that fizzles offers a fleeting benefit to your vision. Having a host of lights around you brings a greater degree of clarity. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Where do you seek advice?

To be continued…

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