Seasonal Selections from The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar

Personally, luxury has always been more about options than expense. When I began re-building my wardrobe, I sought ways to keep costs down while I upped my style. The process is on-going but what has been consistent throughout is my focus on neckwear. As my budget has grown (incrementally), I’ve maintained the same mindset. I’m always in search of a new addition. The premium is not on the price tag, it’s in the versatility.

I think of a tie as the glue to the ensemble, securing the palette you aim to display. But there are a great deal of offerings to sift through and some guidance is necessary. Thanks in large part to GQ Magazine, I discovered The Tie Bar. It provided a wide range of styles, widths, textures, and prints that allowed me to explore and refine my taste. Here are a few pieces they’ve sent over from their recent October release, with so many more to peruse on the site. I’m sure you’ll find what your outfits have been missing. And at these prices, it wouldn’t hurt to buy by the bundle.

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