Finish Line: Coach’s Corner

Seeking intelligent counsel is critical to success. I emphasized the intelligence factor because there is a premium on specificity. There is such a thing as bad advice. And that may have nothing to do with the person or their intentions. You should welcome their support but ignorance is unacceptable.

Having a keen knowledge bank allows for actionable extrapolations. They can’t deposit what they don’t have access to withdraw. The broad scheme may find its base in common sense but missing the details can be extremely detrimental.

“Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.”
(Proverbs 15: 22 NASB)

Looking Up

Having a mentor, either explicitly or implicitly, is very important. They can help you by distilling information from their own experience into something digestible for your particular entry level. They can analyze your approach and make credible suggestions that, if they are a good mentor, you should be at liberty to disagree with or disregard (respectfully, of course). Their record gives you a solid bench mark for what you’ll most likely encounter and be able to overcome. Someone who has occupied the position before you is proof that it not only can be done but that there is also room for improvement. A good mentor recognizes that they are a rung for your climb. A good student realizes that they’ve become part of a legacy, which serves as an added incentive to follow through.

A peer group is also necessary to keep you grounded. A group with a wealth of diversity affords you the ability to consider a mass market and not just a niche. Making a decision as to which one to enter requires a calculated array of input. We rarely think of those on ‘our level’ as a resource but different experiences inform divergent perspectives. Sometimes, you may need to adjust your vantage point to bring greater clarity to a situation. A certain amount of humility may give you that advantageous proverbial ‘higher ground’.

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