The decisions we constantly make impact our future. This is a universal truth. Our actions, whether good or bad, ultimately predicate our impending lifestyle. When you toil succulent grounds and plant seeds, harvesting the fruits of your labor becomes your reward.

Most of us forget to factor in the implications of the decisions we’re constantly faced with on a daily basis. We are more likely to be driven by short-term rewards than we are by the long-term, and a good portion of the time, that isn’t always the smartest rationale.

To a certain degree, our perspective must be modified. To grow forward, conscious and progressive thinking is required, (i.e. If I do this now, I could have that later; if I make this a habit now, it’ll be ingrained by such and such time). It takes a true man to have a realistic vision of what a planted seed has the potential to become — a tree with many fruits. He knows better than to seek the fruit itself for that holds no long-lasting value.

It would behoove us all to be proactive in thought and action, to think more about the correlation between our actions and the lifestyle we want to have in the coming years.

Think ahead, grow forward.

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