Gentleman, Tested: Staying Focused

As much as they can be a beneficial escape from the stresses of the daily life, distractions, when poorly managed, could be as equally detrimental to the average lifestyle. By definition, distractions are the diversion of one’s attention or mind from something. In this state, the mind sustains a mild to severe disorder from its natural, lucid state. There seems to be so much going on in the back of one’s mind when in reality, nothing is. Today’s generation faces an uphill battle against distractions, most especially because of the frequency at which they’re bombarded with information, technology, and the ever increasing social media outlets. While a good portion of these are used to boost a user’s productivity and/or improve his/her network, most of them are used simply as fillers to pass time. Unfortunately these leisure activities tend to be habit-forming, and as a result, we’re pulled farther and farther apart from our inherent, individual pursuits.

In order to reestablish that bond with our inherent selves and foster a healthier level of productivity, we must come to grips with the proper management of time and what that requires. For one, having a set strategy or an organized and prioritized list of things to do makes all the difference when you’re being pulled in many directions. When your tasks are given precedence, you give yourself a chance to complete them in the order that is favorable to you. Second is being proactive; learning to tune out “noise”, however it presents itself, when it threatens your productivity. Without this kind of order put in place, the mind is bound to drift, with no end in sight.

A disturbed mind is often the reason behind an inefficient man. If you’ll bypass the distractions and get back to the things that matter (yourself, most importantly), success is certain to be yours. 

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